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The Dreadlock Chili Pepper dreadlock salon provides a host of dreadlock services in Norwich, Norfolk. We can give you dreadlocks if you don't already have them, and we can tidy and repair dreads if you already have them. No chemicals, no wax, no fake-hair, just good ol' fashioned hard work and attention to detail!

Our dreadlock journey began in Norwich way back in 2008, but lets make this year the start of your dreadlock journey! So if you want to get dreadlocks from a dreadlock hairdresser in Norwich, get in touch.



Saturday, Sunday and Monday (08:00 to 18:00)

We are willing to work some evenings, on any day of the week, so don't be afraid to ask!

If you need dreadlock services in Norwich, we will find a way of helping at a time that is convenient to you.


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