My name is Louis and I'm a long-time dreadlock enthusiast from Norwich, Norfolk. Due to an unfortunate receding hairline I no longer have the beautiful dreadlocks you can see in this old photo of me (yes, that is the 2012 Olympic torch)! I first gave myself dreadlocks back in 2008 when I was 16. I then spent years creating and maintaining my own dreadlocks, as well as those of my friends. I will always miss my dreadlocks, but I sure as hell don't miss all the "random" searches at airports!

I now create dreadlocks and offer dreadlock care and maintenance services in and around Norwich. I run a dreadlock salon in Norwich at the weekends, and on Mondays I operate as a mobile dreadlock hairdresser that can come to you (or you could always come to my home in Wymondham if you prefer).

So how about it? Let me help you on your dreadlock journey!

Me With Dreadlocks 2.jpg